About Benny

Born and raised in Florida, Benny Barker knows quality seafood. Although his earlier career found him in the investment industry, his true passion has always been fishing and enjoying locally-caught Florida seafood.

Frustrated by the subpar quality seafood in fish markets and imported frozen options on restaurant menus, Benny was determined to bring back the Old Florida seafood experience and taste. A few years ago, he took a risk and left his investment career to invest in a business he loves – seafood.

Benny began working with seafood suppliers throughout the state of Florida as a wholesale company, traveling the state to deliver fresh seafood to restaurants and consumers. He recently shifted gears and opened a brick-and-mortar retail boutique shop where he now focuses on providing Florida seafood to locals in Port Richey.

His mission is to make seafood buying an easy, enjoyable, and educational experience. When he’s not dishing up fish, he’s on the water with his wife and three-year-old daughter.

About The Marketplace Experience

Benny B’s Seafood Market provides an easy, enjoyable and educational experience for consumers.


We go out of our way to hand pick the best of the best when it comes to Florida seafood, so you don’t have to. Our boutique market provides top quality options without duplicating a single product. You know you are getting the best in Florida when you shop at Benny B’s.


Benny B’s sells seafood products that are prepped, filleted, and cleaned for you. Even the shrimp are cleaned and deveined. Who wants to work hard after a long day at work? We just want you to cook and enjoy! Leave the work to us!


We are big fans of knowing where our food comes from and you should be too! If you ever shop at a market or dine at a restaurant that doesn’t know where your fish was sourced, swim far far away! No worries with us. At Benny B’s we’ll answer all of your sourcing questions and give you cooking tips, too! We can tell you where your seafood came from and explain the differences between taste. We also have recipe cards and seafood tastings from time to time.

Connect With Us

Stay up to day with Benny By’s Seafood Market on social media. Since our menu and seafood selection changes daily, we’ll keep you updated on Facebook or Instagram. Also, stay tuned on social for upcoming events and tastings. And feel free to call us anytime!

What Our Customers Say

Come on down and visit us for some fresh seafood..


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